Types Of house Extensions and When Do You Need One

single story extension on rear of a brick house

A home extension project is quite popular these days – and for good reason. It enables you to make the most out of the space you have and it adds value to your property. However, it requires a considerable investment. So if you’re thinking of embarking on this type of project, it helps to know a few things. Extrensions normally come into play when homeowners are carrying out refurbishments or even late deciders in New Builds.

How much does a double storey extension cost?

A house extensions cost can can fetch the normal rates below but a double storey extension costs on average would be approx. £1850 per square metre and higher is london would fetch at the higher rate of £2,400 per sq metre.

Home extensions costs

Home extension can transform an average property into a marvellous home, but it also requires a huge investment, In the UK, a project with basic quality can cost £1,500 to £1,900 per square meter, while if you want excellent results, you may have to shell out as much as £2,200 to £2,400 per square meter. That’s why it should take careful consideration on your part.Types of house extensions

Single-storey Extensions

This is one of the most sought out types because it’s a cost-effective way to increase living space. It’s a versatile option because you can use it to build a kitchen extension, have an extra bedroom, or create a light-filled space such that can be linked to a garden, or an outright sunroom. In addition, the construction process is not going to be as disruptive because it can be finished more quickly, and it also gives you the option of not radically changing your house.

Double Storey Extensions

This type entails construction on two levels of the property. For example, you want a larger first-storey area for entertaining or a bigger kitchen, but you also want to have more upstairs space for a larger room, a bathroom, or an extra bedroom. The options you could go for largely depend on the layout of your home.

Loft conversion Extension

You also have the option of merely re-configuring existing space instead of adding more. The good thing about this is that you might not need to get planning permission, except perhaps when you have to build a new roof structure. You can also opt to put in dormers to increase floor space. You can check out London loft conversion designs here.

Loft_Extension_on london west home
Rear Extensions

This kind of extension lets you expand the back of your home and usually involves transforming your backyard or garden area, which means it’s an ideal option if you’re looking to ‘bring’ some of the outdoors in with the use of bi-folding doors that create a seamless flow between the exteriors and interiors. This is usually what homeowners opt for when there isn’t enough space to the side of the property.

Side Extensions

As what you could probably gather from the name these extensions are built into the side opf the house and they’re ideal for those who have enough space and do not want to encroach on their beautiful garden area.

Wrap around home extension

This one is a combination of a side extension and a rear extension to make an L-shaped extension. This type is also versatile. It can be used for a bigger open-plan living space or one with sectioned off bathrooms, living areas, and storage space.

Garage Extensions

An extension could also be created above an attached garage or other single storey structures.

Specialist Styles

If the project you have in mind is not in any of the categories mentioned above, you can still talk to your contractor about it. Some builders are expert in building basements or home with more than 2 storeys for example.


A very popular choice for the uk market is Lean To extensions which used for multiple purposes with sleek clean lines and heaps of natural light entering the room which was converted. Probably the best small extension type in England by far.

The simple style and contemporary look mean it is perfect for modern homes. This conservatory comes with a pitched roof that can be steep or shallow, depending on the type of property you have.

So when exactly should you opt for this project?

When you love your house, but you need more space or maybe

If you’re welcoming a new member of the family, or you’ve decided that you’d like to do more entertaining, and invite friends over, you’ll need more space. There’s no point rebuilding from the ground up if what you want is as simple as making your living room larger or have another bedroom for an upcoming baby.

When you want to avoid the hassle of moving

When you’re considering moving because your current home no longer meets your needs, keep in mind that moving can be a hassle considering all the planning, research, and logistics you have to take care of. Finding the perfect new place already takes so much time and energy, and comes with a lot of stress and uncertainty because you have to consider things like transportation to your place of work, and how safe the neighbourhood is, among others. You also need to pack, transport everything you own and unpack. On top of that, you may also need to refurbish some parts of the new home anyway to make it more suitable for your lifestyle

When you want to add value to your property

It’s simple economics. Bigger homes are often valued higher, which is why many developers use this method to quickly increase the value of a property. If you’re going to be using your home for a long time after the extension, then it’s even better for you because you get to enjoy the improved living space, and then enjoy the better valuation after selling it. House prices typically double every 10 years so your home extension project could become even more profitable if you choose to stay in your home for many years. Even if it’s too costly right now, we recommend getting a planning permission outright so when you’re ready to embark on the project, you can still market your home with the angle that the planning permission is already secured.

When you need something that is tailored to your lifestyle

Whether have just decided to let more sunshine in for your yoga practice, make use of your green thumb by building a conservatory, or make a home office for your online consulting business, a home extension could just be what you need. Over time, people do change. Our lifestyles change and sometimes, we need a different kind of space to be able to enjoy the life we want to live. A home extension could let you do just that.

When you have a character house

If your property is an historic old house, or it has value as a heritage piece, tearing it down to completely rebuild it will need a lot of paperwork and in most cases, you might not be permitted to. An extension project lets you work around this by adding modern conveniences while allowing your property to retain its traditional features. This is also beneficial in the long run because when you do decide to sell your property, it can be sold at a higher price to its value as a historic piece of architecture.

Our team of home extension professionals in London can help build the upgrade you need to live a better life in your home. Contact us and let’s talk about how we can transform your current space into one that’s especially made for the kind of life you’d like to live. Contractors in London can be reached here and are waiting for your call.

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