Timber framed buildings

Focusing On Timber Framed Buildings

 timber framed house

Timber Framed House


There are various ways that you can build a home. One of the premier solutions that you will want to explore is that of timber framed buildings. This is a solution that is very specific, and has been utilized for thousands of years. It has a very specific look and feel, and when done properly, can create an incredible bit of visual design on the exterior and much more.


If you have never explore din this arena, you will want to take note of a few things that will help you understand this on a larger scale. With that in mind, take into consideration the following notes.


Heavy Duty Timber Constructed Building


The first thing that you need to know about this is the fact that the framing resources utilize large beams, and squared-off solutions, that fit securely together with simplified construction. The structures use framing that work with large frame wooden pieces and timber that can be exposed. There’s a specific “rustic” look and feel to this. It’s a method that uses large logs, trees, and multi-dimensional lumber solutions that embraces a natural look and feel on the interior and exterior of a home.





timber framed buildings

timber framed buildings

Several Different Styles

The building process of timber framed buildings utilizes a wide variety of options. In the past, there was a limited solution overall. However, today’s framework is a lot different than ever before. THere’s a bit more development in terms of visual design flow, but rather there’s a larger scope of what can be done. This has everything to do with how the foundations are put in, and how the walls and beams are put together, as well as if there’s any curves or framing roofing elements overall.


The most common framing styles in this arena includes:


Box Frame – this simplest of solutions that are made to look like “boxes”, and are simplified overall.


Cruck Frame – this is a solution that has a crooked frame or a curved solution. THere’s several styles that come with this. This is often a matter of common place within the UK.


Aisled Frame – this type of framing has a lot of interior concepts that are arched, and are similar to barns and churches overall. 


There are some solutions that work within half-timbering, which is a solution that is a mixed media solution. This uses raw materials that has paneling, and fills with non-structural materials that frame the building on a larger scale.

timber kitchen

timber kitchen

Timber Home Framing


The frame of this structure is unique. It’s a solution that has a lot of large posts and beams, and walls that allow for various design styles. This is framed and laid out with a very specific configuration overall. This can have open interiors, and much more. The skeleton of timber homes utilize natural components, large wooden areas, and then can be covered by auxiliary materials, made for strength and uniformity.


As far as timber framed buildings are concerned, you’re going to find that they can be strong, offer a variety of structural components, and creatively durable. They are strong, cost effective, and can come in stylish solutions that look great from a distance, as well as close up.

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