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Our team of Building Contractors is dedicated to ensure you get the best and proper attention you deserve. It's the foundation of everything we do.

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The biggest advantage of our home builders team is the experience we have on board and our Building Contractors London offer all our customers a guarantee.

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You can pick your best time : We offer flexible and convenient appointment with our Building Contractors & times that can be worked around your schedule. Simple and easy!

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Local Decorators in London

Trusted Painters and Decorators in London and the Home Counties for over 25 years

We have renovated and upgraded residential and commercial properties, and we have offices in both North London and South of the around London, so we are never too far away from whatever we are tasked with decorating. “You may be searching google for local decorators near me”, well, no need to look too far, you are at the perfect place to find the perfect local decorators company near London”.

With our experience, we provide high-quality painting and decorating services providing thorough or light preparation, cleaning, or finishing at both homes and businesses. The team is also capable of doing wallpapering and small construction projects. Among the projects, we work on are small bungalows, apartments, schools, churches, and even factories.

As a painting and decorating contractor, we have completed many different projects over the years, from flood-damaged ceilings to full exterior redecoration of listed buildings in central London.  Staff at  The Building Constructor keep a close eye on our interior decorators and painters to make sure only the best quality work is produced.


Painting Services

A new paint service offered by The Building Constructor can keep your property safer and healthier - antimicrobial paint. The professional hygiene coating protects against nasty microbes including MRSA, Staph, E.coli, and other types of gross germs. This brand of paint is antibacterial, fast-drying, durable, and cost-effective besides being antibacterial. “You may be searching google for painting services near me”, well, no need to look too far, you are at the perfect place to find the perfect painting services company near town”.

We offer antimicrobial painting services to ensure a germ-free environment, so try us now. School buildings, leisure centers, shops, athletic facilities, supermarkets, and other areas where hygiene is required, are all suitable for our hygiene control solutions.

In addition to painting walls, the diligent crew can update the look of doors, windows, doors, and door frames, as well as many other wood elements. Besides thoroughly inspecting every surface before painting it, the pros will also suggest an elegant solution to any imperfections they find. And the professionals always leave your home interiors looking as neat and well-maintained as before they began.

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Painting and Decorating Company

We specialize in painting and decorating for residential and commercial clients, but we also provide plastering and carpentry services on-demand. “You may be searching google for painting and decorating companies near me”, well, no need to look too far, you are at the perfect place to find the perfect painting and decorating companies near you”.

London's residential decorators

Our painters and decorators in London and Surrey have been renovating houses, apartments, bungalows, and maisonettes for almost 25 years.

We pride ourselves on understanding your needs and requirements in order to find the best option for your space when we paint your home. Our team is available to help you with accent walls or painting your whole house.

Painters and decorators for commercial buildings

Our commercial painting and decorating services are available to local businesses and contractors around the country.  Specialists in commercial decorating, our commercial decorators will work in all sectors, ranging from healthcare to education to social housing to leisure.

We ensure that your commercial decorating work is completed on time and to a high standard with our years of experience. As an additional service, we are available to paint and decorate commercial properties outside of working hours so that your business is not disrupted.

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wall painting

Painting professionals near me

We are highly skilled, highly experienced painters in London at The Building Constructor and Decorators. As a result, our commercial clients can expect us to complete their work to the highest standard, and internal and external services are performed to the highest standard. Our team can handle anything from a full office block refurbishment to repairing some rendering or painting your fascia boards. Give us a call and let us demonstrate our commercial painting and decorating skills. Our office is quickly and conveniently located in London, so we can take care of your appointment. “You may be searching google for painting professionals near me”, well, no need to look too far, you are at the perfect place to find the perfect painting professionals company near the city”.

Are you looking for interior decorators in London? With our London decorators, you'll be able to receive the most competitive quotes for redecorating your home. In most instances, refinishing houses every few years is recommended for best results and industry experts are sure to make the most of what your home offers. Our room decorators in London are dedicated to meeting your needs, discussing your vision, and recommending solutions. A couple of our indoor designers are on our books after being vetted by consumers before being approved.

Using this service, you can find the best indoor decorator for your home in London and maximize the potential of your living space. Please let us ensure that household designers in London provide no-obligation quotations for you. You can now analyze these quotations to find out the most affordable home design estimates. “You may be searching google for exterior painter and decorator near me”, well, no need to look too far, you are at the perfect place to find the perfect exterior painter and decorator company near you”.

Painting decorating company London

As an established and trusted painters and decorators in London, our expert advice and services ensure the best results for our clients. Our team delivers on this promise with our friendly, courteous, reliable, clean, and professional service. “You may be searching google for painting decorating company London”, well, no need to look too far, you are at the perfect place to find the perfect painting decorating company London near you”.

We combine experience, quality control, and flexible hours of work to create an ideal environment for residential and commercial decorators.

In addition to our clients' reviews, our company is regarded as one of the best painting and decorating specialists in London.

It's our mission to provide professional, courteous, and friendly painting and decorating services for residential and commercial properties in London.

The high quality of our workmanship is what makes us stand out from other painting and decorating companies with over 25 years of experience.

Please call us at +442033898065, if you are looking for painters and decorators in London.

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Painting and Decorating companies in London

The team at The Building Constructor, based in London, is experienced when it comes to painting and decorating. As a result, we are able to provide you with an efficient and cost-effective service in the following London boroughs: Belgravia, Battersea, Mayfair, Chelsea, Knightsbridge, Kensington, and Westminster. We provide a full range of services in and around the area, including residential painting and decorating as well as commercial decorating, as well as providing exterior repairs and redecorating work.

Are you thinking of decorating your home? No matter what size the residential property is, we can help. We offer professional and friendly decorating services for any size residence, from small apartments to large homes. “You may be searching google for painting and decorating companies in London”, well, no need to look too far, you are at the perfect place to find the perfect painting and decorating companies near London”.


In any room, wallpapering makes a dramatic impact, whether subtle or strikingly colorful. You can use wallpaper to provide a focal point on one wall or to wallpaper an entire room.

External renovations and redecorations

Does your property require external work? Our company has experience in performing external maintenance on properties on the Grosvenor Estate and in The Building Constructor.

internal house wall painting and decorating

We provide painting and decorating services of the highest quality for your residence and business. We are an experienced, professional painter and decorator operating across the London area. Experienced interior designers, we work on several types of properties across central London. Whether you are painting your office, your home, or your commercial space, we regularly handle a variety of painting projects around London. “You may be searching google for painting companies in London”, well, no need to look too far, you are at the perfect place to find the perfect painting companies near London”.

We can help you with any painting project, whether it be to improve your interior space, to paint the exterior of your home, or to get creative with a new office design.

Are you looking for an interior decorator or painter in London?

We at The Building Constructor are dedicated to providing customers with high-quality services they will love. London is an extremely busy city, and we know that your business may not be able to run as usual while a decorating project is being done. Our full service is totally flexible to ensure the minimum disruption to our customers. You can have a fresh new look as quickly and without much stress as possible by working in the daytime, evening, or even overnight.

We have highly skilled decorators and painters in our office. By handling the most challenging tasks, we can deliver the highest level of quality. Whatever your painting and decorating needs are, we are always happy to help, whether you have a quick turnaround and need some paint to brighten the place or a more elaborate design and decorating plan.

Painting companies London

High End Commercial Contractors and Their Work
wall painting
Decorating companies London

We have managed projects of varying sizes for clients from London and other cities as professional painters and decorators. We specialize in painting, repairing, and decorating building façades as our main occupation. We work as luxury interior painters and decorators for flats, residences, and old tenements throughout England. “You may be searching google for decorating companies London”, well, no need to look too far, you are at the perfect place to find the perfect decorating companies London near you”.

Besides residential and commercial painting and decorating, we also provide services for public facilities. We are known for the highest standards of painted and decorating projects, which are appreciated by the most demanding clients searching for a reputable painter and decorator in London.


High End Residential Contractors and Their Work

We have a concern about health and safety. What is your policy?

The issue is our most important priority. We are fully insured and have received safety training.

Our team participates in regular in-house top-up sessions to ensure the latest skills are available to them.

Please feel free to browse through our completed work if you would like to see what we have accomplished for our clients.

If you have any questions or concerns about painting or decorating, please contact us.

If you want to discuss a commercial, domestic, or interior project, please dial +442033898065.