Home Extension Builders

Home Extension Builders

Building contractors who specialize in the construction of houses are commonly referred to as ‘housebuilders’ or ‘home builders‘. It is sometimes possible to refer to a housebuilder as a ‘builder’ rather than as a ‘contractor’, who often constructs non-residential structures.

The majority of construction workers employed by housebuilders are directly employed by them rather than subcontracted to specialist trades. In housebuilding, the workforce requirement is fairly predictable, so moving from one project to another doesn’t create a problem for direct employment.

There have been accusations leveled against housebuilders, especially in times of housing shortage, for not building enough houses and for engaging in land banking, which is a practice of controlling land supply to artificially inflate the price of a property. It is a fact that is strenuously denied by housebuilders themselves. 

Housing starts, or new starts, are economic indicators that measure how many new residential construction projects have started over a certain period of time (like a month, a quarter, or a year). Indicators of the health of the economy can be found in the figures for new housing starts. In 2018, 160,606 new homes were registered for construction by builders, according to the National House Building Council.

The option of house extensions is a popular one among individuals who wish to extend their homes without having to relocate. If you carefully consider the design and planning aspects of your house extension, you can greatly enhance the appearance of your existing home. There will be a great deal of help available to you in this regard if you hire a good builder. 

Make sure that the builder you hire has successfully completed similar projects to yours, and that you are able to view their previous work.  Get recommendations from friends and family and make sure the builder you pick is a member of the Building Constructor. Each Building Constructor member is an expert in their field who has been vetted professionally and independently prior to joining the organization and who adheres to The Building Constructor’s Code of Conduct. The Building Constructor members are also entitled to free dispute resolution procedures should they ever need them.

Our company builds all types of extensions, including single-story extensions, to the highest standards, triple-story extensions, kitchen extensions, double-story extensions, front extensions, side and rear extensions, loft extensions, full house renovations, loft conversions, and much more.

As a responsible construction company, The Building Constructor Construction provides reliable construction services that you can count on, and our work is warrantied for a period of ten years to assure your peace of mind.

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