External painter decorator VS Internal painter decorator

It may seem obvious, but the difference is essential to understand. Outside paint serves completely different purposes from interior paint. Paint on the exterior is designed to withstand a variety of elements, such as weather and humidity. Occasionally, walls can expand and contract rapidly due to temperature changes, which the paint has to adapt to…

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What is painting and decorating?

Everyday spaces come to life through painters and decorators. Paint, wallpaper, and other finishes are prepared and applied from inside and outside. The demand for painters and decorators would be high. As a home improvement professional, you could take on small renovation projects or expertly maintain heritage or commercial buildings. The painting and decorating professions…

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Types Of house Extensions and When Do You Need One

builder infront of a new home build

A home extension project is quite popular these days – and for good reason. It enables you to make the most out of the space you have and it adds value to your property. However, it requires a considerable investment. So if you’re thinking of embarking on this type of project, it helps to know…

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How to start Building a House and What to Consider

3 home owners looking at plans on how to build a house

Construction Project Planning Steps Planning and design should be the first steps you take in any project, residential or commercial. Finding out whether you require planning permissions is a major step to a successful building development of any kind. Some projects require planning permissions, and some will not, such as simple types of Loft conversions…

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The ideas of Loft Conversions and its Types

Loft Conversion with living room in loft

This picture is of a modern loft extension in a London home loft conversion ideas   The building constructor have noticed There’s a quiet trend in home improvement in the UK. It appears that an increasing number of homeowners who opt for upgrading their houses rather than moving out. One of the most popular home…

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Timber framed buildings

timber framed house

Focusing On Timber Framed Buildings   There are various ways that you can build a home. One of the premier solutions that you will want to explore is that of timber framed buildings. This is a solution that is very specific, and has been utilized for thousands of years. It has a very specific look…

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How To Gain Planning and Building Permission In UK

planning permission documents in uk with building and construction happening in background

How To Gain Planning and Building Permission In UK Pure Quality information and resources by Our Building Contractors team In order to have any major construction project get off the ground in the UK, you’re going to need to get permission. You cannot just build something and leave it be. In fact, even if you…

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How To Find A Good Builder

How To Find A Good Builder There was a time when you would look for a contractor or a builder and would find it to be a little taxing. Today, however, it’s easier than ever to find a good builder. Whether you want a customized home, or you want to work with renovations or much…

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