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Welcome to The building Constructor were we have over 25 years’ experience and more than 5 locations in the UK. Our team of Building contractors are here to make sure that your needs for construction whether it be residential or commercial are met to high end standards. If it’s a High end residential contractors in London that you seek, look no further, you are in the best hands possible and our team are at hand to assist. We are specialist in loft conversion builders , home extension builders, new build homes and more. We also have the best builders in contract with us inner London and Greater London , West London , North London . Our most popular areas are but not restricted to Ealing, Southgate, Hanwell, richmond and Kensington and chelsea



One Heck of a Residential Builder in London

Many Residential Home Builders in London do not match up to our standards and we use full building planning and regulations support. So maybe you have a Bathroom or Kitchen refurbishment project or Loft conversion that needs doing to your home, it may be the case that you require a full house extension or New build and a garage outhouse? You chose the best possible place by visiting our company today . You can reach our residential Contractors by filling the quick quote or calling our line.

Building Contractors London

We cater to provide bespoke and architectural level contractors that can assist you further all the way till the end of of your project and serve all locations of within Greater London and near and around the M25 area including, north London, south London, west London and east London. A full list of our areas can be found at the bottom of our site so please peek below. You can also remember us if you require house extensions , Loft conversions , new builds , Out Houses and Full refurbishments for London properties.

  • North London

We can arrange for a Building contractor in north London to contact you from North London area. We have team members situated in Hammersmith and Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea, Barnet, Harrow & Cambden and Enfield. Loft conversions North London is also available for Edgware and has a big dedicated team to help assist in residential and commercial projects.

  • South London

We cater to provide bespoke Building Contractors in South London and can send a team member to help with a quote in the South East sub-region consisting of Southwark, Southgate, Lewisham, Greenwich, Bexley and Bromley and a South West sub-region consisting of Croydon, Kingston, Lambeth, Merton, Sutton, Richmond and Wandsworth. South london loft company that can quote for residential and commercial work. Our team is on standby if you require New Builds, Extensions, out houses, general contractors and any type of property refurbishments.

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South East London to North West London Home Construction company available on request

An arrangement can be made for our construction engineers to attend your property whether its a residential house or commercial premises. Our dedicated teams that can usually quote on the spot are situated and ready for Call Outs at Romford office and can come out to Barking and Dagenham, Bexley, Greenwich, Hackney, Havering, Lewisham, Newham, Redbridge, Tower Hamlets, Waltham Forest. Loft conversions in west London however will need assistance with our office situated at Hanwell, Ealing and staff can commute to Brent, Hammersmith and Fulham, Harrow, Hillingdon, Hounslow, Kensington and Chelsea. We also work closely with upvc and aluminium doors and aluminium windows companies in west london area that cover greater london as a whole.

Understanding What London Contractors Do

When you look at buildings today, you have a few people to thank for what you see. It’s not just the laborers that have physically put the work into create the building, but the contractors, architects and others that have planned ahead and put together the work that you see. It’s for that reason why you may want to learn a few things about what commercial and residential contractors may be able to offer you, your company, and just about any business structure today. The following is going to help you break down what contractors do, how construction works, and a lot more. This will give you a great deal of elements that will help you understand the role of contractors from main categories to something a bit more complex. Then, you’ll find that you’ll be able to find tips for finding the best builders in your area, so that you’re able to gain perspective on how to get the most out of the work that they do today. As far as building contractors are concerned, you’ll know a lot more after reading through the information featured below.

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London Builders - defining the difference, contractors and subcontractors

The Difference

When you look into builders, you’re going to find that there’s a lot to consider, and it starts with knowing what a main contractor is versus what others are in the construction world. In the world of builders, surveyors, engineers, and laborers, you’ll find that there are two major people at the head of construction. The construction field has a contractor and subcontractor, both of which monitor different factors in the world of building. To ensure that you understand what each role does, take into consideration the following differences. How to choose a builder is a great source too.

What to know about high end residential contractors in London

The first thing that you should know is simple enough, a contractor does the main business of working with construction. They could be monitoring schedules, cash flow, maintaining accurate records, and look into all of the paperwork, profit margins, and much more. The main contractor will have licensing and education in how construction works, but will command a team to work with. They are the face of the job, they speak to executives, they talk to owners, and work with the public as well. They continue to work within construction to work with paid elements that others do not. They do not get their hands nearly as dirty as day laborers or anyone like that.
Under the role of contractors that are the main focus of Residential home Builders, you’ll find that there are managerial contractors that work within a few elements that subcontractors don’t. This is something that helps with engaging contracts, networking, finding lease holders, and working with managerial elements, paperwork and more. They deal with blueprints, contracts with the city, permits, and all of the infrastructure that allows contract work to move forward with relative ease.

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Why you should choose Construction Contractors in London

Defining The Role of Subcontractor in London

Focusing on the world of subcontracting, you’re going to need to consider a few notes regarding what they do. The role of a subcontractor befalls an area below the contractor and main focus of the business. When a contractor creates roles for laborers, they work within the focus of creating work for specific skill sets. For instance, subcontractors include cement mixers, tile professionals, these individuals specialize in “one” area of construction and work with a network of people that help them create the roles that they need to work with.
Subcontractors will have their own construction crews, and will work with people under their specialties. While main contractors will not do a lot of physical labor, subcontractors will get into the dirt with their laborers and will make sure that components of the job will get done properly. Construction cannot be done without the roles that subcontractors play, because they do a lot of the heavy lifting in comparison to the main contractors, and managerial contractors alike.

High end residential house with contractor who made the house in london
High end residential contractors
Best building contractors in London, Defining The Role of a General Contractor

When you start to break down the different roles that you receive among construction, you also have to take note of the general contractor. While there are different contractor types, the general contractor is going to appear on a lot of jobs, and they do a great deal of work that others do and do not. It’s within the realm of those elements that you should take into consideration a few notes regarding what they do and how they get jobs done. Regarding building companies, they’ll usually have a hierarchy of contractors and specialists, and the general contractor has a specific role in nearly every company.
A general contractor amidst building companies is someone that works on commercial and residential solutions and works on overseeing projects at every stage of construction. In most arenas these are specialized contractors that are professionals in 3 specific different types of disciplines. They focus on getting estimates and proposals for work that needs to get done, and they do all the math required to hire subcontractors, and works with plumbing, electrical, and specialty trades. They focus on benchmarks, milestones, and often do not get dirty or do heavy labor like others. They are like the managers of contracting, and often times work with several individuals, owners, and service providers to ensure a project keeps moving forward in the right direction.
Aside from working with individual contractors, and different parts of a building plan, general contractors are in charge of assessing, renovating, and working with a variety of different paths to a construction project. They can help from the beginning to the middle point or the end point of a project, and are very versatile in their disciplines.
Aside from the main construction projects, they assess jobs, pricing, material cost, labor cost, equipment rentals, and much more. They coordinate all sorts of elements of a job, and focus on the bigger picture of what needs to get done, and the time frame that it’s supposed to get done in. They will be on sight for most of the construction phases, and will check in with every laborer daily, focusing on the larger elements of the job, and making sure that the schedule is on time.
General Builders in the UK , London and around the world will need a full education in construction, and will need to pass an exam that allows them to operate with proper licensure, and will need to have a great deal of work to get approved. This is a position that has a lot of interdisciplinary elements, and is not relegated to just “one” thing like other contracting positions. As stated above, a general contractor has to be able to work within the confines of 3 disciplines, if not more, and oversee the general construction as well as the assessment of costs associated with materials, subcontracting, and much more. It’s a job that takes on a lot of different elements for a project, and can be quite difficult to manage.

High End Residential Builders and Their Work
Residential customer choosing designs with a building contractor outside her london home
Understanding Commercial contractors in  London

Aside from the contractor types that you already know about to this point, you should take note of a few other contractor types, especially when you start to look into the elements of commercial building and infrastructure. For instance, you’ll find that you can easily work with commercial contractors. These are specifically trained individuals that only work with commercial real estate and properties that are meant to have retail, office, medical, and other types of space. These are NOT the same as residential contractors, and can be quite different in the roles that they have to work with.
In order to define what these builders do, and how to work with them, you need to know what the business of this type is all about. You see, in relation to commercial construction, you’re going to need to consider that each project is bid on by multiple business entities. The projects are then zoned, and merited to a specific construction company that only works with spaces in the retail, medical, and office spaces. These businesses and operations only work with large scale functionality, and are specific to commercial needs. When you look into commercial contractors and what they do, you’re going to need to start at the bidding process for a job.
Commercial contractors work closely with architects, general contractors, laborers, and much more to ensure that the business cycle moves forward with setting up buildings, and other infrastructure properly. Unlike residential options these contractors only work with larger elements, and work with specific commercial elements, and nothing else.

High End Residential Contractors and Their Work
Luxury Construction london

Up to this point we’ve discussed builders from various walks of life and focuses. But you’ll need to look into a few notes that will help you understand another function of contractors. Residential Builders, for instance, are going to be a little different than what commercial solutions work with. This type of Luxury Home Builder can do all of the jobs that a general contractors can do, however, they specialize in working with only residential options. That means that they only work with homes, individual condos, townhouses, and elements that are associated with literal residential options. That does not include apartment complex, or anything larger, as those are commercial entities in most cases.

Residential contractors work with their own teams that help with building houses, renovations, plumbing, Kitchen, Extensions , Lofts , bathtubs, and much more. They work on everything from small projects to larger projects, and they focus on getting permits, doing the demolition, clean up and more. They can help with redesigns, or they can build homes from the start of a project to the end of a project. Residential Builders work with the public, and they focus on consumer level projects more than anything else, allowing the work to be within the scope of single family and multi-family homes. They can do upgrades, they can do small things, and they are usually the first people to call when you own a home or perhaps want to buy a home and put in some renovated details.

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Tips For Finding The Best Builders

At this point you have all the information that you could possibly need to understand the differences between contractors, builders, and all sorts of people that could help you with building. Finding the best builders, however, that’s going to take a little effort, as you could always search for terms online and get hit with a lot of options. To ensure that you’re able to get the best quality work, you’ll need to follow a few tips that will help you garner a bit of success, and the following can help. These are a few tips that will help you find the best builders in the London area, to help with commercial, residential, or any type of contract work.

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Get Some Plans Together

Before you contact anyone, you should know what you’re looking for. Do you want renovations, do you want something new, or you want something different? What do you want out of a contractor’s work? Before you can move forward, you need to have some plans ready and be able to move forward with interviewing people that can help you achieve your plans.

Always make sure to have your building planning permissions in order before contacting a contractor as design and build services cost way way more than getting an architect to create the plans and then hiring building contractors to do the actual work.

birds eye view of construction site commercial
commercial construction by contractor of the building constructor

Look For Recommendations, building contractors list coming soon

You could always type, contractors near me, into any search engine, but that’s not going to suffice. You will want to know how to narrow down the search and make sure that you look at recommended options. There’s a lot of solutions that you can pursue in this regard. You want to look at recommended options that can help you get information about the people that are well reviewed, and come recommended by the community at large. You could use sites like Angie’s List, or other options that rank contractors in your area to help you with this.

Also to come:

A List of Construction companies in UK


It is surely more advisable to hire the main contractor whom will take the headache of a project and make sure work is carried out accordingly and the price difference for this hassle-free service is not much different than obtaining a quote from a direct builder.


A Building Contractor is mainly in charge of a whole construction project, what ever it may be. Below a Building Contractor there are Sub-contractors known as ‘main Builders’ whom carry out the instructed work by the main contractor. Building contractors are also in charge of hiring the appropriate tools and machinery such as scaffolding and cranes.

Tier 1 - Designers and constructor that have the main contract with the customer who owns the property or land were the project will commence.

Tier 2 – The sub-contractor builders that will specialise in their own trades, such as electricians, brick layers, plasterers and carpenters.

Its not a specification to Hold qualifications, but employers will look for a good education, often including maths and English, Previous experience in construction, Experience with tools and heavy machinery. There is also a city & Guilds NVQ which most construction companies are deeming necessary.

The main difference is, contractors will hold the main project contracts with the client whereas the Builder will instruct his sub-contractors how and when to carry out the work.

To become a general contractor, you should aim for at least GCSE’s but there is an increase in a need for a bachelor's degree. A city & Guilds qualification is the same as a A-level or O-level which makes this quite popular in today’s world.

Unfortunately, they do not and you must make sure your papers are in order before reaching out, however the exact service you are looking for is Design and Build or Architecture.